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Derambez Morgan, was a 26 year old black male with Big Dreams, Goals and Aspirations in his life. As a young boy, Derambez loved sports, started playing Tee Ball at 4 years old for Simpsonville Recreaction. Derambez started playing Basketbal for UpWard at 5 years old and played until high school and even some AAU travel Basketball after high school. Derambez played Football at 8 years old and later played for Hillcrest High School his Freshman year. He graduated from Hillcrest High School in 2013, attended South Carolina State University in 2013 and Greenville Technical College for Business Management Degree. Derambez was Aspiring to have a Successful Career in the Real Estate Industry. Derambez Morgan was currently working towards going back to college to get his Business Management Degree and Real Estate Development Management License in the upcoming year, when his life was cut short by a co-worker on a job site on November 20, 2020. Derambez Morgan was working with business owners with the skills and knowledge to train and educate him on the business logistics. Therefore, when Derambez Morgan started in the Real Estate industry he had some good and basic information to make a good start. He was registering to attend Real Estate Seminars that would teach the technique, tips and tricks to gain the knowledge to effectively learn, apply, and execute his career goals.

Derambez Morgan had a Big Heart and loved everyone. Derambez had a Beautiful Smile that could change the atmosphere in any room and light someone's day. Derambez has a unique laughter that would have you in tears, because the joy displayed in the laughter could warm your heart. Derambez was always loyal to his family and friends because he always believed in people.

Derambez was a Realist, he always wanted to see things as they were, he was a loyal youngman to anyone he knew or worked with. Derambez was striving for Success in life and had a Big Heart that loved everyone and always believed in giving everyone a fair chance. Derambez was a Motivator and had a Love for Affirmations he always said, "People should speak in the atmosphere what you wanted to happen in your life." Negativity was a “No” for Derambez he believed you could be anything in life you wanted to be with hard work, dedication and persistence. Derambez Morgan's life motto: Your words and thoughts can control your Life!

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