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The Professionals Behind the Scenes





Founder of Derambez Morgan Foundation and Owner of Elite Events LLC. I am a wife and Mother of two, one is an Angel my Loving Son Derambez Morgan. Melice is a graduate of Strayer University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Minor in Human Resources. Her passion to help people stemmed from a family reunion on July of 2011 and July 2019, where she brought, distant family together for family history education, fellowship, food and fun.  


Melice has over 25 years with Leadership experience to motivate, develop and recognize successes in people that allows her to drive change and acceptance for a common goal. This mission and passion now are personal for Melice Jones, due to the loss of her first born & only son Derambez Morgan to Senseless Gun Violence.


Melice is using the Social Media platform to let people know about her son Derambez Morgan death and to educate with statistics of Gun Violence and recent incidents of Gun Violence. As well, provide some recommendations on how to prevent and minimize Gun Violence in the US. Melice now plans to expand her communications to the community, the website and the events and engagements planned for the Derambez Morgan Foundation annually. Melice is determined to see change in the Gun Violence National Crisis we have going on now. Her ultimate goal is to improve Gun Violence statistics, minimize the deaths of our young adults ages 15-25 years of age and create effective communication, education and resources for victims, survivors and our communities against Gun Violence.

Inspiring the World to see positive change one event at a time. 

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Communications Manager

Tiffany is a wife and mother of 3 children. She has a background in technology for ITT Institute. She currently works for Verizon Wireless in the Tech Support department, in which this role requires her to Communicate on a higher level for understanding for the consumers. Tiffany is very personable and detailed oriented with any task or job duty given. Tiffany will be using her effective & professional communications skills for the Derambez Morgan Foundation to ensure the message, focus and goal for Gun Violence Prevention is clear and concise. As well, she will display her true commitment for better Gun Control and her support for the efforts of the The Derambez Morgan Foundation.

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Marketing Manager

J'quatia is a mother of two children, who give her the drive to Succeed. She has a background in leadership, where she manages employees to be productive, provide effective communication and use the information obtained to provide solutions and techniques.  J'quatia will utilize her knowledge to develop, create and implement strategies that will drive the change we are desiring and influence people to see the Big picture of this National Crisis for Senseless Gun Violence.

Communicating vital information from the Marketing spectrum. As well, she will display her true commitment for better Gun Control and her support for the efforts of the The Derambez Morgan Foundation.

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Social Media Manager

Pam Dorsey is a wife and mother to two handsome young men. Pam obtained an Associates Degree in Business from Strayer University. She is the owner of Pam Dorsey Enterprises, LLC, a women's empowerment company that is built on Pam's strong passion, purpose and desire to see us all women happy with themselves, thriving in a complex society and living our best lives everyday for ourselves. Pam has a background in customer service, business & sales ownership and entrepreneurship. Pam's motto is "We are better together" because we can do more together than we can apart. That ties exactly to the goals for the Derambez Morgan Foundation's future


Event Manager

Breanna is the mother of 4 children and the Sister of Derambez Morgan. Breanna graduated from Southside High School in 2011. She attended Greenville Technical College majoring in Art and Science. Planning to change to Business Management major, learning the roles of becoming an Entrepreneur. Breanna obtained her Cosmotology License in 2011 to work as a full time hair stylist. Breanna's has a Passion for people and a love for children. That's why the Mission for the Derambez Morgan Foundation is important to her life and future to make a difference in children's lives and help mold the future for them all.



Administrative Manager

LaToya is the mother of a son of 17 years old that lost his life and was a victim of Gun Violence victim in 2016. Since that time, Latoya has made it her Mission to learn about this Gun Violence Epidemic affecting our youth. She has worked in Corporate America in various roles: Customer Services, Emergency service, Sales and more. Where she gained her leadership expertise in working with people, conflict resolution and using her skills and knowledge for advocating for the people. Joining forces with the Derambez Morgan Foundation organizations, has given LaToya direct connect to the Gun Violence purpose, knowledge and fight. Therefore, she will be actively engaged in helping victims and survivors with methods to prevent & improve the Gun Violence plaguing of Nation. 



Design Manager

Yvette is a mother of 2, a Angel son and  Beautiful daughter. As well a grandmother of 2, whom she totally adore. Yvette has 15+ years background in the Manufacturing industry. She is currently
a Manager for a large Corporation, where she is responsible for the training and development of the newly hired employees. Yvette leadership skills, patience, on hands training process to prepare the new employees to be ready for their new role, be effective in their new role and a valuable asset to the company they now employed. With her keen sense of Leadership, Yvette brings a plethora of knowledge to the Derambez Morgan Foundation that will be key to Success on this Gun Violence Mission.


Design Manager

Taylor is the younger sister of Derambez Morgan. A 2023 graduate of J. L. Mann High School in Greenville, SC. Taylor worked with the Voc Rehab Center and many others roles, in her senior years to learn skills, knowledge and work place etiquette to help her prepare for the job market. Taylor is a born leader, very independent, always looking for ways to help others achieve and loves helping people. Taylor joined the Elite events LLC. team in 2022 as a Event Specialist, where she has gained the ability to work with on any given task, in a team setting and in business venues.Taylor always going out of her way to help others, displaying compassion and a true Motivator. This Mission with the Foundation is Important to Taylor, to honor & fight on behalf of her brother and other Gun Violence victims and survivors. 



Design Manager

Taryn is a Graduate of Woodmont High School in 2018. Taryn was selected to the Clemson University 1st Project Search Program in June of 2018. Which is an Intership program to prepare High School seniors for the work place in a hospital setting. Taryn has been activaly employed with Bons Secour since 2019 and learned alot regarding working with people, various job responsibilities and independence in career and life. Taryn has a love for helping people and seeing their happiness, so her role in the Derambez Morgan Foundation; is much needed for her role to reach our youth and teens in this Gun Violence era.

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Transport & Breakdown Manager

Adrian is a husband and father of 3 children,  2 Beautiful daughters and a Angel Son, Derambez Morgan. He is a Proud grandfather of a Beautiful little girl.  Adrian joined the Elite events LLC. team in 2015 as a Transport Manager, where he has gained the ability to work with on any given task, in a team setting and at business venues. Adrial is hard working and always like to be punctual for any job, event, or occassions. Adrian's mission for the Derambez Morgan Foundation is to bring knowledge of his experiences growing up, as a young man and now an adult regarding impacts of Gun Violence, ways to improve and to help us really understand the Root Cause from a male perspective. 


Assistant Social Media Manager

Shaquria is the Ptoud Mother of a Beautiful little girl. She is the Step Sister of Derambez Morgan. A 2018 graduate of Dorman High School. Shaquria has a degree in Nursing Assistance from Spartanburg Technical College. Shaquria later joined the banking industry, where she gained knowledge of Customer Service, working with customers and solving business problems and providing solutions. Shaquria has a energetic personality, so she wants to bring some excitement and purpose to the Derambez Morgan Foundation. 


Shipping Manager

Timothy is a husband and father of 3 a Beautiful daughter, a young son and a Angel son. He is the grandfather of 2 grandchildren, that he is a Proud Papa. Timothy has worked in the Manufacturing industry. Timothy has artistic handwritten that could be described as Famous. He is every articulate, observant and matter of fact. Timothy has good sense of humor and is a hard worker on any given task he is given.  Timothy brings a wealth of street and professional knowledge to the Derambez Morgan Foundation that will be a true asset to our your males. 


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