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The Derambez Morgan Foundation

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The Derambez Morgan Foundation is being founded in honor of my son Derambez Morgan, who lost his life to Gun Violence on November, 20, 2020, by a co-worker at work. The loss of my Loving son, left us Heart Broken, Speechless, Numb and in Disbelief. Now our mission is to fight for improvement and prevention of this National Gun Violence Epidemic that is plaging our Nation for 26 years.  It Is Personal, myself Melice Morgan Jones, Derambez Morgan's mother, his family and friends. The Derambez Morgan Foundation will create Scholarships, Seminars, Charitable Events, Youth Gun Education Events, Career Workshops, Survivor Resources & Events. As well, provide firsthand support for the victims, survivors and community to work towards an effective solution for Gun Violence Prevention & Reform.

The Derambez Foundation will focus on "Real Action"communication, effective preventative measures & change for this National Gun Violence Crisis. Providing information with a roadmap for resources, Gun Prevention Education and Conflict Resolution Techniques. These factors are very important for us to see the change we desire for Gun Violence Improvement and Prevention. Think Before You Shoot! Don't Let Your Emotions Cause Permanent Irreversible Damage! An "Altercation" Should NOT Result In Death by Gun Violence!

These solutions are necessary to save our futures and the lives of our children from Gun Violence and to restore the safety of society from Gun Violence Epidemic. Everyone working together, getting to the Root Cause of WHY?, learning how to control one's emotions, and don't allow pride or peer pressure to cause a bad decision. Gun Violence is happening everywhere and no justifiable change has taken place in over 25 years. "It only take small impactful solutions to create Change." The Derambez Morgan Foundation is being formed so more parents, young adults, teenagers and loved ones do not have to go through the Heart Breaking loss of their child or family members to Gun Violence.


Above the Clouds

Derambez Morgan's, Favorite Bible Verse

Philippians 4:13

"For I Can Do Everything Through Christ, Who Gives Me Strength"


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Derambez Morgan Annual Scholarship for $1000, will be given to a deserving student currently enrolled in an Accredited College.

Full Requirements, Eligibility & Application under Scholarship:

*Proof of enrollment in an Accredited College

*Majoring in Real Estate Management, Brokerage and Development

* GPA 2.50 - 3.00 or higher

*Official Transcript

*Letter of Recommendation 

*200 word essay

*US Citizen

The scholarship funds with be disbursed in March 2024 and August of 2024. Scholarship award must be used in the same academic year it is awarded. Deadline to Apply:  December 1, 2023.



  • Be Legal & Responsible and Registered to carry a firearm- Only handle a firearm if you are of legal age, the owner of the firearm and the firearm is registered in your name.



  • Never buy a GHOST firearm on the internet, never accept a firearm from another person or keep one you find. Turn it in to an adult or the proper authorities in your life.


  • Do not allow your Emotions or peer pressure to cause you to take possession of a firearm that does not belong to you and harm someone else by Gun Violence; that will put your future, life and freedom in Jeopardy.

1st Let's Talk Seminar
News Clip on June 5, 2022
from WSPA -Chloe Salsameda

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Spotlighting a Champion monthly who shared, represented, displayed or supported the

Derambez Morgan's Foundation Gun Violence Mission.

Derambez Morgan Foundation - Let's Talk Seminar on National Gun Violence Awareness Weekend

Honorary 2022
"Javion Robinson"

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August 2022

"Demossio Valentine Jr."


September 2022

"Timothy Morgan"

Lil Tim with Derambez Morgan Shirt .jpg

January 2023
Lil Timothy Morgan


February 2023
Pastor Jeffrey Williams

Derambez Morgan Foundation
Calendar of Events for 2023

National Gun Violence, Wear Orange Event 
!st Friday in June Annually

Derambez Morgan Foundation - Let's Talk Seminar on National Gun Violence Awareness Weekend

 2nd Annual, Let's Talk Seminar 
July 15, 2023 at Freetown Community Center

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National Day of Rememberance for Homicide Victims Annually on
September 24, 2023 at Conestee Park from  5-8pm


Dress For Success Event on October 14, 2023 at Nirvana Cultural Center @ 5pm

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